Occupational Health and Safety is Our Priority!
As a natural reflection of FEKA’s philosophy of “respect for the individual and humankind,” we believe that health and safety are the first considerations in the operation of our business. Occupational health and safety are not just policies but integral components of our company culture.

Safety First: Always
“No job or service is so important or urgent that it cannot be done safely.” This principle guides our steadfast commitment to workplace safety for our personnel, subcontractors, client personnel, and the general public.

Our safety policies and program encompasses :

  • A program of safety and health built around ILO, OSHA, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (depending on the occasion) health and safety requirements that promotes good construction and operational practices,
  • An attitude of safety consciousness in management and supervisory personnel as well as all staff; a universal belief that the only acceptable level of safety and health performance is one that prevents injury and accidents, damage to equipment and facilities, or harm to the environment,
  • Elimination of accidents through planning and analysis of operations, development of site-specific safety plans at the outset of each project, and diligent identification of present and future hazardous conditions,
  • A uniform policy of safety management and the enforcement of our safety program through a continuous inspection presence,
  • Continuing safety education and training,
  • Involvement of subcontractors in a continuing safety program.

We believe that all staff members are responsible for implementing and maintaining an effective safety program, and all personnel are required to make their safety and the safety of fellow workers a priority.

FEKA’s approach to occupational safety goes beyond 'meeting requirements' or achieving numerical targets that define success in terms of occupational safety. It prioritizes ensuring that all personnel leave the worksite at the end of the project, just as they did at the beginning, in a happy, accident-free, and healthy manner.